Tokyo 26 Mar 2014

The last time I stepped into Tokyo territory was in 2009 (excluding my transit to/fro Hokkaido at Haneda airport in 2012). It’s been an awfully long five years, during which Japan went through and then recovered from its tsunami catastrophe.

This time I came by with a friend and we’ll be meeting up with another friend in Tokyo the next day. My main goal is to see the Sakura blossoms which I’ve been thinking about for a really long time. With that activity confirmed in the itinerary, I left the rest of the planning to my friends.

We took a Cathay flight promotion at about SGD680 and reached Tokyo at close to 3pm. After getting a NEX + Suica package at 5,000yen (this includes a round-trip reserved seat ticket to/fro Tokyo station from the Narita airport, as well as a Suica card with 2,000yen value for use at JR lines and subways), we arrived at our accommodation, Khaosan Ninja, located between Bakurocho and Asakusabashi.

We took some time to settle down into our capsule dorm located on the 5th floor, all stairs, and headed out to Ikebukuro in search of Ichiran ramen.


Ichiran Ramen at Ikebukuro, Tokyo


My first meal in Tokyo 🙂

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