Tokyo 27 Apr 2014

We packed breakfast at our favorite konbini this morning and set out for meguro sky park. Unfortunately, it rained and our plans to picnic at the garden, located above a highway, were thwarted. Sakuras along meguro river hadn’t bloom yet either which was another disappointment.


After visiting the park, we took trains to nishin-nippori to meet up with our friend at close to lunch time, before walking up to Sendagi for a flavor of its heritage (food) trail.



The street used to be known for the many cats roaming in the vicinity and it’s easy to spot many cat mascots or shops selling cat-related merchandise. But there were also lots of other yummy food such as menchi (150yen)and shaved ice (800yen)


Yummy menchi


Shaved ice/kakigori in strawberry milk flavour

After completing the trail, we walked back to Ueno and visited the lively Ameyoko shopping streets. We then popped into an oden shop and had a quick recharge before taking the train to Tokyo Skytree.



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