Tokyo 28 Mar 2014

Today we made a day trip to Hakone, by taking a train to Shinjuku, then buying a 2-day Hakone pass at 5,000yen, and transferring to Odakyu railway. The ride took more than 40minutes and along the way we saw the snow-capped Fuji-san on the train’s right. However, we were too surprised then to snap a photo. Soon after we passed the wondrous mountain, the locals sitting beside us confirmed that it was indeed Fuji-san but it was already too late for us to capture a shot.

We switched several transport while in Hakone so that we could make full use of the pass, including cable car, rope way, trains, pirate cruise and bus etc. the pass is really worth it even for a one-day tour (just a note that the minute you exit from Shinjuku in day 1, the pass would be taken back by the ticket machine.)

The main attraction that we visited was the Hakone open-air museum, which seemed like a really huge playground for kids below 12 years old. You get a discount when you show your Hakone free pass and purchase a ticket at 1,400yen instead of the usual 1,600yen. Alternatively, there’s also an online discount ticket available. Go google.



Here are two samples of art installations where kids had lots of fun. it was a pity that I was overage but I did have fun exploring the park, and it was superb to take a mini foot bath in cooling weather.

When we took the rope way in late afternoon, we spotted Fuji-san in the far distance too.


If I have the opportunity to be back again, I hope to get a nicer view of Fuji-san and perhaps I’ll stay in a nice guesthouse to enjoy the onsen too. :)))

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