Tokyo 29 Mar 2014

This morning we headed to Asakusa so that xw could try to search for her favorite snack “black thunder” which was suddenly swept off shelves in a mad frenzy by Taiwanese tourists, or so we googled.

We passed by a totoro merchandise store near the karimon 雷門(?) and I had great fun shopping. We also popped in a shop to do our caricatures before we walked the shopping streets. Sakura blossoms had only just begun so we managed to catch some blossoms thankfully.


There are lots of stores to buy souvenirs from but I’m not sure if they are overpriced compared to other parts of Tokyo. I’ve also heard good reviews of a melon bread found in Asakusa but I didn’t managed to try that. What we had was a simple caffeine break at one of the roadside cafe which did latte art for the price of 490yen per cup of cappuccino.

20140416-002035.jpg when I was about to leave the cafe, I realized from the photos that they did totoro latte art too but this wasn’t made available as an option at the counter unfortunately. What a pity.

Our second part of the day involved a quick trip out to Odaiba to see the rainbow bridge and spot Gundam at Divercity, both of which were accomplished fairly easily.


In Odaiba, we mainly visited Decks which had a small Trick Art Museum (admission at 900yen), Legoland, food, and shopping (there were several stores which had famous character foods and other interesting/quirky products suitable for souvenirs). Trick Art Museum was interesting but there were too many people waiting to take photos at the different paintings so that kinda stressed us out; we rushed through the whole process and had to skip some poses, paintings as a result. I would have enjoyed the experience better if the museum crew catered more time allowance between the groups entering the museum so that each group can have more opportunity to explore the trick art.

© 天涯海角. all rights reserved.


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