Tokyo & Hakone, May-June 2017

If I had to list three highlights of the trip, it would be:

  1. Tsukiji Fish Market
  2. Hakone Ryokan
  3. Museums and Stationery Spree

Out of all my many trips to Japan, this  was my first visit to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, and only because we heard that it would be moving out of its current location to make way for Tokyo olympics.

It would be one of the times where I queued for the longest time ever to get into a sushi place, Sushi-dai.


Busy morning “traffic” @Tsukiji, May 2017

The overall experience was more valuable than the taste of premium omakase i guess, since my taste buds couldn’t really differentiate ok-food from good-food.


We decided to splurge on our meals and accom while in Hakone. And it was well worth it as our room came with a private onsen. Felt so super shiok to be able to soak in onsen at anytime of the day while admiring some scenery outside.


Awesome Ryokan and feast @Hakone 

3. Museums and Stationery

Visited more museums than i would have usually done so on other trips, because shuyi helped me apply the ICOM museum pass with free access to several museums.


Lovely garden @nezu museum, tokyo

And it was great because the museums in Japan either had great architecture, exhibitions or lovely gardens/sanctuaries or a combination of these various elements. Enjoyed peaceful me-time in the museums thankfully.


Till my next travel updates.


One response to “Tokyo & Hakone, May-June 2017

  1. Wow the ryokan looks so pretty! And the bath!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I will also be there in December so I’m trying to find more ideas about what to do 😊😊😊

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